refurbished And Scratch & Dent Appliances for sale Indianapolis

If you are looking for a large selection of quality appliances available from many major brands then you need come check out our showroom of refurbished and new appliances that just have some scratches and dents.  Below are some pics of the washers, dryers, refrigerators, and ovens.  So come on in and save.  We look forward to seving you.

Dishwashers For Sale
Fridges & Dryers
Scratch & Dent and Refurbished Refrigerators for Sale
One of our ovens for sale
Row Of Washing Machines
More appliances for sale
Refrigerators and Dryers
Refurbished washing machines for sale
Black Refrigerator for sale
Refrigerators That Have Been Fixed
Appliances For Sale
Washers For Sale

Why Choose Us For A New Appliance

We offer great scratch and dent or refurbished appliance and we have many to choose from.    We have stainless steel, black, and many other styles of appliances for you to choose from.