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Can’t get your air conditioner to work? Do you hear weird sounds after starting the cooling system? There’s no need to worry. When you need Indianapolis air conditioning repairs, the technicians at Speedway Appliance can help.  In our industry, our experts rank among the best. Customer satisfaction and service are assured with them.

Our technicians have seen pretty much every problem and are familiar with all brands and models of air conditioners so there should be nothing we can’t fix or install.

AC Unit Being Repaired In Indianapolis

Most Common Problems With A/C Systems

Some of these things may be possible for you to handle independently however, our technicians should be contacted if your air conditioner leaks refrigerant, is making unusual noises, or is making unusual sounds.  Some issues you may be able to correct without our help such as:

  • I am unable to turn on the air conditioner. Prior to checking for a tripped breaker on the electrical panel, make sure the thermostat is set correctly.
  • There is no cold air. You should also check that your thermostat has power and is set to the correct temperature.  Also replace your air filter, if you haven’t done so lately. The quality and efficiency of indoor air can both be improved by using a fresh air filter. It is important to ensure the outdoor unit is not obstructed by debris and doesn’t leak refrigerant. Reach out to us at xxx-xxx-xxxx if you discover a refrigerant leak. You may have had an air conditioner installed before 2011 that used a hydrochlorofluorocarbon (HCFC) refrigerant known as Freon®, or R-22. The manufacture of this refrigerant has been discontinued as a result of its negative effects on the ozone layer. Since R-22 refrigerant is available in limited quantities, it can be expensive to fix a leak. In such cases, air conditioning installation is usually recommended. 
  • Cooling that is uneven. Leaky ducts, inadequate insulation, and blocked registers are common causes of high humidity or fluctuating temperatures. Consider adding blackout curtains to south-facing windows if none of these things are causing the problem. To regulate temperatures in different rooms, you can also use zoning systems. Additionally, a mini-split heat pump can provide heating and cooling in places that feel uncomfortable with variable refrigerant flow. 
  • The unit is dripping water. Make sure no clogs are in the condensate line. There is a PVC pipe leaving the air conditioner.. In addition to ice accumulating on the coils, refrigerant leaks can make water drip.
  • There is a strange noise coming from the air conditioner. Typically, clanging, clicking, or screeching sounds indicate a potentially serious problem. We recommend shutting off your air conditioner and calling Speedway Appliance  at xxx-xxx-xxxx if there are odd noises.

Our experts at Speedway Appliances will be available to assist if these troubleshooting tips do not work. For an appointment as soon as possible, give us a call

Indianapolis Furnace Repair

This winter, make sure your heating system isn’t leaving you to freeze. When you need furnace repair in Indianapolis, call the HVAC Experts at Speedway Appliances.. We’ve discovered that sometimes you can fix your furnace without help when it won’t turn on. Before contacting us, please read our easy troubleshooting guide and give us a call if you need our help.  

When your furnace stops working, check these 4 things:

  • Thermostat settings. It needs to be switched to “heat.” Otherwise, the furnace will not be notified to begin heating.
  • Furnace filter. Your system  can be compromised by a clogged filter resulting in the furnace overheating and stopping. As a result, it will not generate or spread heat.
  • Circuit breaker. You might have tripped the breaker on your furnace. Look for it on your electrical panel. Breakers in the middle or on position should be reset.
  • Furnace switch. Switches that look like light switches are located on or near your furnace. “Up” or “On” is the appropriate position. Let your furnace warm up for a few minutes if it was turned off.

If you still need our help to fix your furnace repair services please contact us at xxx-xxx-xxxx. As furnace repair experts you can count on us to get your home or business nice and toasty again.


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