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There’s nothing worse than looking into your refrigerator only to find that it’s warm inside. Get in touch with Speedway Appliance if you are experiencing refrigerator problems before the alarm sets  in. If you need help getting your refrigerator working again, our friendly and professional staff is here to assist you.

We have been repairing refrigerators in Indianapolis since 1963. Unlike our competitors, we have technicians who are familiar with all brands and models of refrigerators. You can count on our knowledge and experience to maintain any model of refrigerator, from GE refrigerators to Viking refrigerators, and more. So give us a call at Speedway Appliance to set an appointment to get your refrigerator repaired today!!

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FAQ's We Get For Refrigerator Repair

Refrigerators are among the most important appliances you own. Because of this, stress is understandable when it breaks down. Having a refrigerator that doesn’t work properly is a major inconvenience to every homeowner, so we offer our expert refrigerator repair Indianapolis technicians to fix common problems. If you cannot fix it yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact Speedway Appliances.

Our fridge repair experts list some common refrigerator troubleshooting solutions below:



A Refrigerator That Is Not Cooling?

Your refrigerator cannot cool properly if its condenser coils are dirty.. Ideally, they should be cleaned every 6  months and even more often if you have a furry friend in the home..In the event the coils aren’t the problem, an Indianapolis refrigerator repair technician can fix one of the following:

*Faulty Starter Relay
*Thermistor has stopped working
*Fan motor is defective on condenser

Your Refrigerator Door Won’t Shut?

When you have a refrigerator door that won’t close, the gasket is often overlooked. Simply wash it and the folds with warm  soapy water and make sure it is dried with a cloth ! This may solve the issue at at hand.  There are many other possible causes for a door not to close, including:

*There Is A Misalignment Of Door Hinges
*An Unbalanced Refrigerator
*Blockage Of The Door By Food Items

The Ice Maker Not Producing Ice?

If your ice maker is not making ice at all you might have a blocked water filter. The refrigerator filter should be replaced every 6 months according to most manufacturers.  If the water filter is not the problem, it may be one of these 3 most common problems that our techs see:

*Switch On Door Not Working
*Ice Maker Assembly Is Defective
*Inlet Valve For Water Is Malfunctioning

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